Summer Holidays in… 4 days!!!

The holidays are in 4 days and we’re all(the daredevil’s) are very excited. I am going to the US next friday. I am very excited.I am going to 2 disneylands and the Hollywood Universal Studios. I am going for around 3 weeks and I will be going across the whole United States.
If you know any famous places in the US that maybe I can go to, please leave a comment telling me the address and also the state.

2 more schools close for the EV71 flu?

Yes, the Cannan school in Whampoa and Kowloon City needs to close for 2 more weeks for the flu. The other schools may close too but we only have 9 days left in school. If it does affect us, we could end school in a few days if the flu changes again. The CHP says that the flu maybe arranging its DNA and then noone will have the anti-flu again. This could be very serious. Anytime, we could be infeted without knowing. If there is the flu becoming, again, really poisonious, we might not have a end of the year party.

I will still follow up on this matter soon. See ya!

EV-71 gets better and worst at the same time!

More and more Ev71 cases are being confirmed in Hong Kong and 32 cases are confirmed since the beginning of the year.

The Ev71 flu was first discovered in 1957 in Canada and since then, it kept spreading. In the early 1970’s, the first case was confirmed in the US. It came to Hong Kong in the 80’s but had a big widespread in 2003. I was affected in my old school but I was fine, but now… It has been steady in the past days, but I believe that they won’t close the schools, because it’s not that public yet. But like H1N1 Influenza A aka swine flu but it could close soon…… I’m a bit afriad but I like that the fact the school may close…

Another Test in School!!!!!

For school, we did an exam for Chinese, the last one of the year, as the last one of the year.  Now today, we need to do another for the practice for the UOI finals. It is hideous work doing the work and also revising. It is no fun so if you guys think it is, don’t even think about it. CORRECTION!!! I just finished the test. It was real easy. I will let you know when I finish another one.

Have you ever been angry at your teacher because of an exam or a test??? If yes, please leave a comment telling me all about it!

My nominations

In this post, as this is my very last blogging challenge, I would like to nominate Daredevil 19, 16 and 5.

Daredevil 19 deserves this very award because he is very detailed with his posts. I believe that this is very important in blogs and also in life. He writes posts other than the ones the teacher tells him to write and also be very creative with them.  Blogs become fun when they do this and also become very creative. Support!! 十卜!!

Daredevil 16 deserves this award because that the fact she has a lot of very creative posts and also that has a big blog roll. She writes to almost everything. Extra posts like Daredevil19 is the thing that I appreciate the most. She has almost 50 posts when I have 30~ posts and I have did all the ones that the teacher ones and added around 18 more.

Daredevil 5 is a very typical person who is a bit weird but writes interesting things. he also is kinda funny. He needs this award because he does fun stuff in his blog.

Challenge 10: About my posts

I have written 30 posts.
There are around 12 school posts, 10 blogging challenge posts, and the rest is my own interests.
I got 11 comments.
I enjoyed writing all the political posts like the Red Shirt Protesters, the political trouble in HK etc.
I change my blog theme maybe every 3 months. I find it very cool.
I have around 5 game widgets, the rest is school related. I kinda think it’s too much, I dont know why…